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Although the products we sell are the most user friendly available, Professional development will have everyone up and running quickly with the confidence to begin using their interactive products effectively. There are a number of training options available. Training staff are all certified trainers and can provide training on the products and how to use them as well as concepts in preparing and presenting effective, visually engaging digital materials to transfer knowledge.

On-site, on-line Professional Development

With the purchase of six or more Mimio interactive whiteboard products or 3 of the MimioView document cameras or 1 of the MimioVote student response systems,  training is available for free. This includes one session of 1.5 to 2 hours of general product orientation and a review of the products and software. Purchases in excess of 30 units of any product combination will be entitled to additional free on-site or online training up to 5 hours, 50 products and above will receive a customized plan.

Additional more in depth on-site professional development is available at $250.00 per hour. Specific training will be geared to meet your specific needs and can be as in depth as you would like and include creating unique multimedia interactive lesson development. Courses that include equipment are also available.

A more complete professional development is available and customized to meet your specific needs.

When scheduling professional development, please remember that the trainers time is valuable. Please have all the participants who may need training available on the scheduled date and time.

Interactive digital basics:

Using the tools

Saving your work


Additional free on-line training is available to help quickly build skills and proficiencies.

Fee Based Professional Development

Blended learning: This 2.5 hour session covers the basic concepts of blended learning, adding blended learning to the classroom and how to use Mimio products and software to achieve a blended learning environment. $500.00

Flipping your classroom: This 2.5 hour session covers the basic concepts of creating a flipped classroom, adding elements of this instruction technique to the classroom and how to use Mimio products and software to flip part or all of the classroom. $500.00

iPad/tablet options in the classroom: Many have purchased iPads and/or tablet type devices for school or personal use. Integrating them in the classroom has posed a problem as they natively do not run traditional programs but rather applications. There are thousands of applications available, some good, some bad, some free and some fee based. Wading through the morass of options is a daunting task. This course covers options to implement iPads, tablets and BYODs in the classroom and other devices teachers and students may have access to. Areas covered include:

Effective presentation design: This 2 hour session covers effective presentation design based on how digital learners learn and documented studies of what works best in how and what to display in presenting information digitally. $500.00

Custom training is also available to address specific needs and training objectives. Depending on just what is needed, this can range from an hourly fee of $250.00 or $2000.00 per day. Let us know what your needs are.


Our Objective is to provide our customerseBeam_Certified_logo_LRG high quality products and solutions at the most competitive
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