eBeam Edge wireless part #460032 MSRP $799.00 Share presentations and collaborate live in a digital whiteboard space. Remote users and participants areeBeamEdge_BT_Vertical_hires accountable and engaged as everyone contributes whether they are in the conference room or remote locations. Annotate and draw on top of any application, website or document. You can highlight and edit projected materials,use shapes to focus attention on key ares and illustrate or diagram concepts. Create interactive presentations and brainstorms. Import your own images, snapshots, videos and office files to visualize concepts. Write, draw, organize and manipulate content on an unlimited supply of digital whiteboards. Presentations, annotations, notes and brainstorms all save into a comprehensive file. Save time with post meeting tasks by sharing all your material, visualizations and notes right from the application. eBeam allows you to personalize interactivity to your needs.

eBeam solutions blend into your environment and optimize your technology by bringing interactivity to your tools.Effective communication, idea generation and dispersal of information are important elements of productive meetings. Whether your team members are most productive in one-on-one informal collaborations or formal presentations and trainings, eBeam has the solution to capture, inspire and distribute information so that you never lose an innovative idea and make decisions effectively and efficiently.

With the eBeam business version of Scrapbook software, this is the perfect business digital interactive presentation solution.

Engage        Annotate and Interact        Collaborate and Visualize        Save and Share

The eBeam edge connects to any flat surface and wirelessly to your computer and takes less then 5 minutes to set up.

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ebeamcaptureeBeam capture pack part #46003117 MSRP $349.00

Need to capture whiteboard notes but already have eBeam Edge or eBeam Engage? This add-on will give you the functionality of both projection and whiteboard capture by making your eBeam system dual purpose.

Lost your eBeam pens or just want another set on hand? This kit will give you everything you need to update your current receiver with new components.

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accessories-edgeBatteryPackEdge Battery Pack part #46003179 MSRP $79.00

The Battery Pack is lightweight, slender and sleek. With the Battery Pack attached to the eBeam Edge Wireless, the combo is compact enough to transport in your pocket or laptop bag or secure in your desk drawer.

The Battery Pack delivers up to 12 hours of continuous use with the eBeam Edge Wireless, which gives you a full week of typical use. The Battery Pack automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity, conserving power. You can fully recharge the device in less than three hours over USB, and it's ready for 1 hour of wireless use after just 15 minutes of charging. The eBeam Battery Pack lets you move untethered around your environment, instantly transforming any flat surface into a dynamic workspace without cords or cables


eBeam Livewire plivewireart #46003336 MSRP $199.00

eBeam Livewire eliminates the need to download or install eBeam software making sharing within your organization simple. Connect Livewire to an available USB port and plug your eBeam USB cable or eBeam Wireless USB Adapter into the Livewire. The software launches for immediate interactivity in a meeting or classroom. No administrative access to the computer is required so you can be up and running in an instant.

accessories-edgeLCDbracket_01eBeam Edge Display Bracket part #46003190 MSRP $19.00

Turn your LCD display/TV into a touch screen. the eBeam Edge display bracket expands the benefits of eBeam Edge and eBeam software giving you the ability to attach the bracket to the top of your display, place the eBeam edge in the bracket, connect your computer for an instant touch screen.

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smartmarkerSmartMarker $699.00

A product that is very small that allows you to caputer what you write or draw in color without a computer? Automatically save for further use when you are back in the office.

Capture, edit, and share notes and diagrams onsmartmarker2
Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices. Use
different markers, colors, and text-editing tools to enhance content and add searchable tags.
Organize your notes into collections, stream, save and sync with your favorite cloud services.

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