mimioteachMimioTeach part 1762262 Full integration is a unique benefit of the MimioClassroom family of products. Each tool is an easy-to-use, all of the products are designed to work together using MimioStudio software.

Turn your ordinary whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard - instantly.The MimioTeach™ interactive system makes it easy:

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mimiopadProductMimioPad part #834496 An interactive solution that can be used from anywhere in the room.

create and present interactively from anywhere in the room via the MimioPad. Up to nine tablets can be simultaneously viewed and controlled on the room display. The MimioPad uses the wireless USB receiver included with the MimioTeach and does not include the USB receiver or software.

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MimioStudio Software.

mimiocaptureProductMimioCapture part #1762267 Use dry erase markers on any whiteboard and automatically save captureeraser_pen (2)what you write, in color to share and edit later. the MimioCapture ink recording system is an accessory to the MimioTeach technology. It allows you to save whiteboard notes and drawings to your computer, save, edit and distribute.

Switch anytime between marker pens and the MimioTeach stylus, the system automatically recognizes which tool you are using. Save, edit and print your notes in a variety of formats to include PDF. Use it without a projector.

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MimioView document camera part #1771044 High-definition pictures and live video cn engage your audience and drive home your message with plug-and-play simplicity.

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Vote_030_refl1_tnMimioVote part #1762264 student/audience response system with 32 hadsets.mimiovotehandset

Track progress through instant feedback as well as scores tallied over time. Download student results into spreadsheets and lesson plans, for clear achievement records. Place handsets anywhere in the storage tray to renumber automatically. Ensure student accuracy, since only appropriate answer buttons light up. Choose teacher-led or self-paced testing. Count on excellent testing options for all grades. Easily import standard tests and publisher's content. Take advantage of the system's compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint. Each handset has a Lithium-Ion battery which recharges when placed in storage tray.

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