There are any number of additional products you might need to complete your project and we have listed some of the most common here.

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We carry a selection of LCD and LED projectors from ViewSonic if you are looking to equip a room a projector. While some include wireless connectivity we also have external devices that will allow you to wirelessly connect your computer to a projector. A variety of mounting solutions are also available.

In addition to large format LCD displays, we also have displays from 22” to 45” for smaller venues.

Audience response systems. Often referred to as student response, these products allow you to test for or assess knowledge retention and Vote_030_refl1_tnunderstanding by the participants. You could take a quick poll to see how many are understanding a topic or a complete knowledge test. These can be compelling products in the classroom and a training room. These solutions are available as hardware and software to include web based. If you are concerned about how effective your online or on-demand training is, a web solution is probably what you are looking for. If you want an easy for presentation where the group is in one room the MimioVote is an easy to use solution.

Document cameras allow you to capture non-digital material and easily integrate it into a digital presentation. Usually connected to a computer via a mimioview (2)USB cable, it is a live camera and video recorder. Once the image is displayed it can be used as any digital image mightkenavision7880c be.

The MimioView is a high definition document camera with 1920x1080 imaging. Single USB computer port for both power and data. Auto focus, capture both dimensiona lobjects and flat documents as well as video. Two adjustable LED light sources. MimioStudio interactive software included.

The Ken-a-vision new 7880C document camera can stream the image out to any device for added collaboration. For those who use objects or non-digital content for group sharing, this is a great solution. Supports 4 to 8 tablets or smart phones as stand-alone configuration and over 30 over a network with 1080P ourput resolution.


astronaut (2)Audio is an important part of effective presentation. Most projectors and all LCD displays have speakers and often will fill the need without additional equipment. Finding what is best requires an individual assessment of the setting and equipment in use. There are a number of speaker options, wired and wireless, mounted and portable, PA systems, podiums, etc.xtag (2)

Most interactive software allows for recordings. As you present the recording capture everything on the screen to include annotations. Capturing audio provides a complete recorded solution. Recording requires a microphone connected to the audio in port of the computer. While inexpensive wired mics will work fine, if you are presenting and can’t be tethered to the computer a wireless mic is needed. Again there are a number of available option, we have found the RevoLabs xTag to be an excellent choice to capture your voice to embed in you presentation.


whiteboardclassic (2)Whiteboards can be effective surfaces for presentations and meetings allowing for retrofit (2)a clean bright surface to project on and write on. We recommend a quality steel over porcelain surface from Marsh Industries. They are available in various sizes, fixed, wall mountable and in custom cabinetry and various frames. There is also a retro-fit product designed to cover an existing surface (blackboard, etc.) that is very cost effective. We do not recommend paint for a good presentation surface. There are material sheets that can cover a wall and provide an adequate surface although the overall life time will be less than an quality whiteboard. Everase supplies quality whiteboard wall coverings.

Mimiomimiopad (2)Pad 1 is a wireless slate allows you to roam while you are presenting. Control your computer and presentation from anywhere in the room to engage your audience. If you have no other interactive products this is a must have for most presenters and the least expensive fully interactive product. The included interactive software will hep you create engaging presentations and record them. Because it has 3 recording modes you can easily create Kahn Academy type lessons to distribute. It can also be used when you present online. Embed audio and voice.

smartpenNot exactly an interactive product but the SmartPen2 is a unique device that capturers what you write on ordinary paper, save, convert to text stream (via BlueTooth) to connected devices and save to any device. Smartpen 2 is ultraportable. Write notes on the go and transfer them to smartpen3your computer, tablet, or smartphone when you’re ready. The pen and receiver have built-in memory to store notes when not connected to a device, so you never lose important data. They’re also rechargeable so you can write continuously for up to eight hours between charges.


frontrowlogoFrom FrontRow Juno the needs no installation: its speakers and receiver are in one ready-to-use tower. Because it’s ajuno digital multi-speaker 2.1 array rather than a single flat panel, Juno delivers excellent stereo sound coverage in an affordable, scalable package. And the onboard next-generation Adapto™ digital engine actively scans audio 375 times per second to suppress feedback squeal before it starts. The Juno platform easily adapts to serve the diverse needs of technology staff, curriculum directors, and teachers. Whether you want basic features with 5-minute setup, a fully installed media center, or anything in between, Juno can make it happen. junomicWant more sound coverage? The Juno tower easily connects to FrontRow’s IR Speakers for even fuller-immersion audio. Want more mics? Juno can handle up to five simultaneous mics with no ‘over-and-out’ waiting between talkers. Numerous other features are customizable through physical modules or software upgrades — today and in the future. Includes a presenter pendant microphone to broad cast voice and with an audio out can be used for voice recording on a computer making it a snap to record all your presentations.

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